Building community in a changing world

What We Do

For now, this is a mindfulness & wellness site. We are all dealing with an unimaginable mess. As I recently heard Brene Brown say in her new podcast, we have collectively hit weary. The loss of normal swallowing us whole. This crisis won’t be a sprint. It will be a marathon. And without shifting our mindsets, the fear of collapsing could cause our collapsing.

So we need to create a new normal at the same time that we grieve the loss of normal. That is our challenge. My initial goal with this site is to provide practical tools you can use to help yourself – and by helping yourself, you can then help your loved ones. Help the community.

Many of these tools will be based on what I glean from those that are wiser than me, more trained in the art of self-help. I encourage you to reach out to share your own teachings, your own journey of growth (including what you learn from others). Which I will then share on this site with – or without – attribution, whatever you desire. This site will always lurch forth with an eye towards providing community observations & sharing community contributions…

Broc can be reached through [email protected] or via LinkedIn.