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Monthly Archives: February 2024

February 19, 2024

Fix It, Don’t Fixate

I dig the “Shrink Think” podcast and this latest one is good. At the 9:00 minute mark, there is a great story about the quick use of hypnosis to help a woman regain her sight. Wild. And the podcast talks about self-limiting beliefs and how the continual focus on a big problem rather than the solution might not be the best course of action. These podcasts by Nathan Hawkins and Aaron Potraz are relatively short and worth consuming…

February 6, 2024

Essential Happiness

This Greg McKeown podcast with Mo Gawdat is amazing, particularly starting at the 27:00 mark. Seriously, you need to check it out – so powerful. Here are some ideas from it that don’t do the listening experience justice:

– The only thing that matters is what you do next. What you do in this moment. What you did before has little bearing.

– When nothing is certain, you might as well choose what makes you happy.

– In this ‘moment,’ you choose – the moment either has meaning or its just suffering.

– Near the end of his life, Maslow changed the highest aspiration in his “hierarchy of needs” so that it is self-transcendence (ie. spirtuality) rather than self-actualization. The best chance for a sound relationship are two whole people who come together to create an interdependent unit.

– Manage your time by spending it on the things you love. Those people in your Top 10% are likely 1000x, 100x more important than the others in your life.

– The definition of “gratitude” doesn’t include just things that make you feel good – it includes being grateful for everything including the things that make you suffer.

– ‘If I won the level but missed the game while playing, what was the point?’

– Social media is a dark playground. Those thoughts you’re trying to avoid will be sitting there waiting after you finish pursuing that activity that has a low likelihood of creating happiness.