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Monthly Archives: November 2021

November 16, 2021

Letting Go of Repetitive Thoughts

Recently, I covered why hearing something for the 100th time can be a good thing – and I’ve covered the fact that humans average between 50-80k thoughts per day. This blog comes courtesy of Jack Kornfield, who quotes Buddha: “Whatever a person frequently thinks and reflects on, that will become the inclination of their mind.”

Here’s an excerpt from Jack’s blog on this topic:

Yet however much we try, sometimes we’re caught in our repetitive thoughts, and knowing about their emptiness doesn’t help. We can obsess for months about a past relationship or about our fear of failure at work. These difficult patterns of thought can repeat and persist, coloring our consciousness so deeply that we can be tormented by them, unable to see without their distortion.

If we pay attention to the feelings underneath these repeated thoughts, there is often unacknowledged or unaccepted emotions, pain or difficulty. It might be a grief or loss that we have not fully acknowledged, or worry or fear, or longing or a thwarted creative impulse. When we let ourselves drop below the thoughts and sense what is asking for acceptance, our willingness to feel these emotions that have been driving the thoughts often allows them to quiet down.

Following this we need, quite deliberately, to create positive thoughts in order to replace these unskillful patterns of mind. The understanding of these as simply unskillful states means that we can do something about them, as opposed to saying we’re neurotic and there’s no hope.

November 2, 2021

The Wisdom of the Body

Broke my hand so my ability to type is challenged. But thought I’d share some nice nuggets I’ve learned so far from the experience:

1. I was able to rely on some of my teachings to remain quite calm in the pre-op period before the anesthesia made me unconscious. I essentially put myself into hypnosis and my central nervous system was very relaxed despite the ‘going on’s’ of the hospital experience. Being calm before surgery helps the healing process, studies show.

2. The imbalance caused by an injury can be seen throughout the body. Other body parts start hurting as they are relied upon more. Or laying down more than normal. Doing yoga or deep breathing has been critical – and feels so good. Rocking and rolling on your spine tells your central nervous system that everything will be okay.

3. Slowing down. Man, do I need to learn that lesson. As my friend Lynn Teo just reminded me durin, take a pause and let your body tell you what you need. The wisdom of the body.