Building community in a changing world

May 22, 2023

Four Ideals to Guide Your Practice

Here are some thoughts made in this podcast from Jonathan Foust about four suttas / sutras allegedly spoken by Buddha for those bodyistrahas whose goal is to wake up in life (heart and mind):

1. Cultivating aspiration for awakening for as long as you live (AFGO – opportunities to learn about reality) – whatever arises, use as an opportunity to awaken

2. Cultivating spiritual friends for as long as you live – company is stronger than willpower. They can be hard to find and may be the most important thing. Not a ‘nice to,’ it’s a ‘need to.’ Our culture is designed to have you look for happiness in all the wrong ways. Very difficult to practice on your own. You need sangha.

3. Practice patience, openness and kindness for as long as you live – stay present without demonizing the enemy as a way to create community. Points the way out of self-absorption. One of the best ways to break out of depression is to be of service to others. It’s really for yourself. Lubricating your system to wake up and being fully alive. Your cup will overflow. It’s hard as you may get compassion fatigue.

4. Spending some time dwelling in the wilderness – synonym for meditation. Wilderness of the mind. What is 40 days and nights in the desert for you? So you can regain balance by becoming fully present. The power of being in nature. The power of animals who live in an alpha state, which rubs off.