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May 16, 2023

The Quickest Way to Happiness

Here are some thoughts made in this podcast from Jonathan Foust about becoming happier:

– Choose what you already have.

– What’s between you and being happy? Connecting to your true nature.

– Cultivating beginner’s mind. Infinite possibilities. Experience each moment fresh.

– Being caught in the state of wanting more. The hungry ghost where you’re never happy. We’re all afflicted with this to some degree.

– Desire and happiness are diametrically opposed.  If we let go of desire, you become happy.

– When you begin to cultivate non-judging awareness, you become more aware of what’s between you and being happy.

– Using these five elements from Martin Seligman’s book about psychology (perma) to determine where you might level up to break a cycle and become happier:

  1. Positive emotional – feeling good
  2. Engagement – how much do you feel absorbed in activities
  3. Relationships – authentically connected with people around you
  4. Meaning – purposeful existence
  5. Achievement – sense of accomplishment