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January 22, 2021

Say Hello to Yourself?

This one might seem a little silly. But maybe it’s okay if it is? It’s essentially talking to yourself. Except you’re not doing it out loud. It was surprising, but this mental exercise truly does work for me.

Fortunately, this can be short & sweet. And whatever you need it to be. It could be a pep talk. It could be words of self-compassion. Maybe it’s simply acknowledgment that you exist. This exercise should shut down your monkey mind & get yourself in a positive frame of mind. You can win an extra bonus if you talk to your “future self” in addition to the “now you.” Or even better, the future you can talk to the present self.

Here’s an example of how this would look: First you sit comfortably, closing your eyes and just breathing for a minute. Then start this type of thought process – “Hi Broc. I see you. You’re doing good. Feeling confident & calm. Feeling so relaxed now. I love you Broc.” Now you switch over to future self – six months in the future – talking to the present you: “I’m so proud of you Broc. For the past six months, you’ve accomplished so much. You’re remained calm when you needed to be. You handled that situation beautifully. You’re just a wonderful person.” Yep, I know it sounds crazy. But maybe give it a go and see how you feel…