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January 27, 2021

Am I Living My Life Fully Right Now?

One of my favorite self-care authors is Stephen Cope. All of his books are so easy to understand. I recently was re-reading “The Great Work of Your Life” – and the opening chapters really spoke to me. About how many as they get older get concerned that they’ve lived too safe a life – that they have not risked enough to find their true calling.

Stephen talks about those that bring forth what is within them. Those that leap out of bed in the morning to embrace the day. People with their “soul awake.” He carefully distinguishes that those who are on their path because of what they are doing. That it’s not all about simply “being” – a common refrain in the mindfulness community. He outlines how many of us are paralyzed by doubt, by inaction. And that our true calling often is right before our eyes, that we just haven’t taken the time to recognize it, to name it. The denial of dharma.

This is all covered just by the book’s introduction & first chapter. Stephen does a great job of weaving in anecdotes of folks he has met at his Institute at Kripalu – and the teachings of Krishna & Arjuno from the “Bhagavad Gita”…