Building community in a changing world

September 30, 2020

The Beauty of “Feeling Grounded” (Feeling “Normal” Again)

My favorite part of yoga is at the end, you typically will go into “corpse” pose – savasana. You’re just laying there in silence, feeling the ground beneath you. And if you’re mindful about it, you really do feel that ground. And you feel grounded.

In these crazy times, I find it difficult to feel grounded. In fact, I think I had forgotten that feeling. But over the past few months, I have been gathering with some mindfulness friends in socially distanced circumstances and meditating together. Sharing. Laughing. Crying. These “in person” meetings always leave me with a taste of feeling grounded because they are “normal.” And it’s so interesting how rare it is these days to feel just that – “normal.” Because “normal” isn’t that anymore, it’s rare. So I treasure it – it truly is a gift – the new joy of “normal”…