Building community in a changing world

May 12, 2021

Starting Again in Your Life

As someone who tries to consistently approach each day with “Beginner’s Mind” – not easy to do with all those stories we tell ourselves – I found this dharma talk from Jonathan Foust to be one that I treasure. It has particular appeal to me because I left a job that I was closely identified with about 15 months ago and that was a real challenge. It sometimes still is.

Over the past few years, Jonathan has shared the advice to “not chase shiny objects” when you’re making a big change like the one I did. And as he notes, that can be a real challenge. Particularly for me because I like to dive deep into whatever project, whatever cause, I decide to pursue. So it’s difficult to pause and let the moment pass without jumping in with two feet.

At the 31:52 mark, Jonathan makes these points about starting again:

1. Recognizing that it’s about what’s happening, but also about how you’re relating to what’s happening. What is your perception?

2. Understanding the reality of what are the challenges that you face right now. In the short term, what support do you need to move forward?

3. Learning what’s important to you. What are your values? What is calling you? What has heart to it?

4. How do you move forward? What are the next steps? Your priorities? What allies would be useful? Do you need training or coaching? How will you feel at the end? Creating the habits to help you fill your cup.