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June 19, 2021

I got to where I was going…and it was nowhere I wanted to be

For the title of this blog, I pulled this line from the wonderful series entitled “Genius: Aretha Franklin.” It fits in well with the notion that many of us are striving to meet certain goals. And as soon as we hit them, we don’t enjoy the moment – we quickly move onto the next thing.

I know that I am certainly guilty of that. Very much so. I was born to be goal-driven and I find that I rarely stop to appreciate the moments that I should relish. Guilty as charged.

A good case in point: I’m on the verge of announcing a new site that I’ve spent months writing content for – I’ve written over 450 blogs for it since the beginning of the year. It’s a free site for those interested in ESG (think climate and social issues), particularly about how companies strategize, report and disclose how those issues relate to them. I’m basically done with the site – and of course, I didn’t stop for a moment to think about how I should celebrate. Not until I drafted up this blog anyway…