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January 19, 2024

How Do You Stay with “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” Practices?

I’ve started a six-week online course about acceptance and commitment therapy run by Russ Harris since I loved this book of his. But it’s worth hearing from the founder of ACT – Steven C. Hayes. Here’s a list of podcasts on which Steven Hayes has spoken. [I’ll be blogging more about ACT as I take the course – but here are the six core processes of ACT.]

I’ve listened to a few and I particularly like this “Being Well” one – the hard question is asked (and answered) at the 26-minute mark about how to stay with the practices that you learn. How do you make them part of your routine so that you create lasting change? The art of retention. Steven answers with:

1. Practice matters. Repetition.

2. Pattern matters. Needs to fit into larger and larger patterns.

3. Purpose matters.

4. Principles matter. What did you just do that worked?