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June 5, 2020

Feel the Vibrations

Long ago, I was given a Tibetan “singing bowl” as a gift. I rarely used it until recently. You rub a mallet along the inside edges of a singing bowl in a swirling motion to produce a type of bell sound that vibrates and emits a rich, deep tone. The frequencies from the bowl are said to help to clear the energy flows within your body (this article talks about chakra balancing & brainwave entrainment). They help you relax and heal (this article discusses a study that backs this up, but there is scant scientific research overall).

Different bowls produce different sounds & frequencies. The size of the bowl doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter whether the bowl is made of metal or crystal. You should try out different bowls and see which frequencies appeal to you. Of course, you don’t need to own a bowl – you can listen to hours of them being played on YouTube (use search term: “Tibetan singing bowl”).

If you use a bowl while holding it in your hand, there should be something that the bowl rests upon in your palm. If you use a bowl with another person, clear yourself first before you hand it off. That way you raise that person into your frequency rather than slip into their frequency.