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July 14, 2020

Finding Something in Nothing. Finding Nothing in Something.

When you’re attuned to the path of mindfulness, cues reminding you what’s it all about turn up in the most unlikely of places sometimes. This is the second time this month that a podcast hosted by Adam Ferrara – a comic – piqued my little mindfulness antenna. This interview is with Jay Mohr, the comic & actor turned “life coach.”

Jay has spent some time working on himself in the face of some serious issues – bi-polar disorder, alcoholism & more – and he shares some real gems. Right at the beginning, Jay muses how we spend so much time taking inventory of our finances, our career – but we ignore our own personal inventory. Are we walking around anxious all day? Angry? Why not fix that?

And then at the 26-minute mark, they engage in some great banter about comics having a compass that enables them to gauge the room. To find something in nothing – the brand of comedy that Jerry Seinfeld is famous for, but which most comics lean on to some degree. And then Jay does the Buddha thing and flips that over – finding nothing in something. Indeed.

Jay truly is a life coach. He gave out his email address during the podcast so that potential clients can reach him. Based on some of the stories he shared during the program, it sounds like he lost most of the money he earned in his glory days…